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Modern workplace

oobe understands end-user computing because it's in our DNA. We can transform your business by empowering a secure, mobile and distributed workforce, giving them the tools they need to get business done from anywhere.

oobe defines end-user computing as those aspects of computing that a user touches, interacts with, or uses as an enabler to make their work life easier and more effective. It helps keep information technology out of the way and allows organisations to focus instead on what they do best.

The end-user computing landscape is forever evolving. Twenty years ago, it was just the Windows desktop. Fifteen years ago it was the desktop plus Microsoft Terminal Services if you wanted remote access. Ten years ago, it was all that, and virtual desktops powered by Citrix. Fast forward to today and end-user computing is so much more.

Today, end-user computing extends to a myriad of different device types, containers, DevOps and AppsDev in the cloud, analytics, cloud office productivity, app virtualisation, unified communications, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and so much more. oobe has you covered.

We understand end-user computing because we’re specialists — not just another consulting company that claims to do everything.

As end-user computing specialists, we place an emphasis on the user experience. The technologies that a user interacts with everyday should be a pleasure to use. Transitioning to this new, modern workplace requires the right team of experts. oobe can help with the adoption of the latest and greatest from Microsoft and Citrix with professional services engagements, customised ‘’ offerings, managed services and support.