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Lucidworks Fusion

Lucidworks Fusion is a platform for intelligent search and analytics. It is built with Apache Solr — an open source search engine that sits on an Apache Spark framework. This combination provides customers with instant, scalable and reliable processing for customised search and analytics.

This software-based search solution is popular and powerful and delivers a superior enterprise and customer experience.

Benefits of Lucidworks Fusion


Enables instant access to an organisation's content and data from a highly scalable search engine and NoSQL datastore.


Uses a licensing model that is cost-effective for organisations with large volumes of content and data. Measures successful search in terms of impacts on profit and loss.


Speaks 'human' and understands the intricacies of human language (neuro-linguistic programming) and behaviour (signals).

Features of Lucidworks Fusion

Metadata sorting

Sorts search results by author, date or file type.

Signal-based relevancy

Captures user clicks (signals) and queries to fine-tune relevant search terms.

Entity extraction

Recognises names, products, and brands.

Spell-check and synonyms

Alerts users to possible misspellings in queries, or alternative terms to use.


Generates instant search recommendations based on user clicks.

Alerts and messages

Fine-tunes search results for specific queries by subject-matter experts.


Provides alternative search terms.

Expert identification

Uses profile repositories to identify subject-matter experts.

Authentication support

Supports single sign-on technologies including LDAP and Kerberos.

oobe are Lucidworks Fusion Experts

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