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Managed cloud services sorted

Getting the most out of the transition to cloud, and being able to realise the full benefits of everything Azure has to offer, requires specialists. oobe is here to help with Azure-certified specialists.

The most important thing about oobe's managed cloud offering is that it is was born in the cloud and is tailored for highly regulated industries like finance, health and government. We don't just help you keep the lights on, we help you continually build efficiencies, look for opportunities to implement repeatable processes and focus on your business priorities. Equally as important, we provide the ongoing monitoring and management of the Azure Framework and Perimta for Azure for classified or highly sensitive environments.

oobe uses cloud-enabled automation tools and Azure auto-monitoring / auto-remediation capabilities to make your business-critical software and supporting infrastructure flexible, scalable and trustworthy. Tapping into oobe's team of experts gives you:

  • A reduction in infrastructure management errors
  • Best practice guidance for delivery of new projects
  • The ability to automate repeatable processes and deployments
  • Real-time monitoring and cloud compliance
  • The ability to make the most from your investment in Azure
  • Advice on new Azure services and features

Hi, we're oobe

Contact oobe at to schedule a free consultation or call us on 1300 753 707 to talk to an Azure expert.