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In a software defined world, configuration is everything

With thousands of settings in Microsoft 365, it is so BIG that it can be hard knowing where to start. Instead of a project taking weeks or months, we can get your 365 tenant fully configured and compliant with your specific regulatory requirements in a matter of minutes. Cyber security is now more important than ever. One simple misconfiguration can leave you vulnerable. Once you have selected one of our carefully vetted templates, we can automate the configuration and prevent misconfiguration and baseline drift.

Critical infrastructure and public sector

Perimeta for 365 is aimed at helping critical infrastructure- and public-sector organisations manage and maintain their compliance with stringent security standards. We understand how the modern workplace works, and we understand that "the cyber" aspects that protect your precious assets just need to do their job - not get in the way. This is why oobe, in partnership with government, was tasked with creating the Protected Utility for Government blueprints. But we didn't stop there. Now we support a wide variety of standards ranging from the Australian / New Zealand Government Information Security Manual (ISM) PROTECTED/RESTRICTED, ISO 2700x, NIST SP 800 and APRA CPS 234, to name just a few.

Perimeta for 365 was born out of a clear need to help our customers onboard to Microsoft’s 365 ecosystem as quickly as possible, with the added assurance that they are using a configuration that is in lockstep with their regulatory requirements. Simply login to the Perimeta for 365 portal, configure communication with your 365 tenant, select the template to compare against your environment, customise your configuration if required and click ‘Apply’.

Contact us at or call 1300 753 707 to speak with a human and we'll help you get started. 


Q. What are Perimeta for 365’s main features? A. Perimeta for 365 automates the entire configuration of your 365 subscription in accordance with a specific standard with the click of a button. Equally as important is that the ongoing monitoring and compliance with that standard is also assured.

Q. Can I run Perimeta for 365 against an existing Microsoft 365 subscription? A. Perimeta for 365 can be run against an existing subscription to perform a security assessment against one of our templates in ‘View-only’ mode. You can then optionally choose to ignore settings that are out of compliance, or remediate parts of, or your entire, configuration.

Q. What if I want to apply a custom configuration or make changes to an existing template? A. No problem. Custom templates are fully supported. You can even export your existing configuration or import one that you have designed yourself.

Q. Why would I use Perimeta for 365 over Microsoft’s existing compliance services?A. Services like Compliance Manager, Compliance Score and Secure Score point you in the right direction, but they don’t simplify the configuration of thousands of settings nor do they provide ongoing compliance or real-time monitoring.

Q. Where does Perimeta for 365 run? On premises or in the cloud? A. Perimeta for 365 is a full SaaS offering that runs in the cloud.

Q. How do I buy Perimeta for 365? A. Because Perimeta for 365 is monitoring the configuration of your 365 environment 365 days a year it is offered as a subscription service via a month-to-month subscription or annual fee.

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