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Code signing for the enterprise

Enhance your cybersecurity posture. Only allow the execution of approved and digitally signed code within your organisation. Comply with the Australian Cyber Security Centre's "Essential Eight".

Keep your macros

Enjoy the productivity benefits of Microsoft Office® macros while minimising the risk of macro-based threats.

Increased security

Significantly raise the security posture of your organisation by disallowing the execution of unsigned code.

Appliance or 'as a Service'

It's your choice. Download the appliance and host it inside your network or use our cloud-hosted service.

Sophisticated tooling

Macrosine can inspect, identify and alert on malicious code before it can cause a security incident

Trust your code

Digitally sign your code (macros or scripts) using your own certificate or one of our trusted commercial certificate providers.

Updates and support

All Macrosine paid plans come with comprehensive support and updates are included as long as the subscription is active.

Digitally signed

Safe macros are automatically signed and can be used as normal, while risky macros are blocked, keeping you secure.

Easy to use portal

Access the portal using your enterprise login details, upload your documents or scripts and you're away.