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Put an end to unsuccessful and time-consuming software deployments and application migrations with our team of App-V sequencing or MSI / MSIX packaging specialists.

Have you ever had to package or migrate an application to a new format and asked your team whether anyone had the documentation or the source files from the last time it was packaged? What version is currently deployed? Who packaged it last time and why did they do it like that?

The days of pushing out an MSI with a few switches are long gone. Application delivery in the modern workplace needs to be managed and you need to have a documented application lifecycle, a framework, to ensure applications can be delivered quickly using a repeatable and consistent process. When you engage oobe, you inherit everything our team has learned from packaging thousands of applications.

  • Framework— to formalise the full packaging lifecycle, such as packaging standards and 'recipes', prerequisite validation, quality assurance, test summary reports, release instructions etc.

  • Catalogue — to provide third-party packaging providers with an agreed complexity classification mechanism, using a common toolset, to derive a predictable budget for delivery of applications.

Benefits of engaging with us

An experienced team

oobe has a dedicated team of application packagers specialists, providing expert skills and a wealth of experience. Our packaging services can be provided ad-hoc, or over short or long-term engagements. That's up to you. Similarly, we can also just come in to help you set up the framework and catalogue so you can use it internally or to engage another provider.

Guarantees a predictable outcome

Our application packaging framework was developed from the ground up to give you repeatable and consistent results. It comes with a raft of processes to help you document the application, track it, provide packaging standards and recipes, support documentation, quality assurance and test summaries and releases instructions. We've covered every angle.

On time and on budget

Even if you don't engage us for our enterprise application packaging framework, we'll still commit to giving you a fixed price to package an application because we use our 'catalogue' approach internally ourselves. We'll classify the application's complexity and show you how we arrived at that assessment. The complexity is matched to a cost and time to package so you know how much and exactly how long.

Contact oobe at to schedule a free consultation or call us on 1300 753 707 to talk to an application packaging expert.