By leveraging the existing investments you’ve already made in your enterprise Windows and web apps you’re essentially liberating the legacy and taking it mobile. Reusing what you’ve already got simply gives it a new lease on life. Taking the original app as the basis for transformation also means several very important things.

No changes to the app itself. Want to transform a workflow from the SAP NetWeaver® platform into a native mobile app? The first question the SAP team will ask is ‘What do I have to change on the backend?’ The answer? Absolutely nothing. Interaction with web and Windows apps occurs by directly interacting with the apps themselves as though you were sitting at a PC and therefore inherits all of the existing business logic you’ve already painstakingly built.

No data source or middleware integration. Because the interaction with the apps occurs by directly interacting with the Windows or web apps themselves, the transformation process inherits all of the backend integration without any additional configuration. When building a native app from scratch, more than 75% of the total cost of development can be attributed to rebuilding logic and integration aspects. Transforming your existing apps does away with this entirely.

Minimise infrastructure investments. The transformation process and the associated runtime components needs something on which to run. No magic here. There are options galore and every environment is different but, wherever possible, we try and use what you’ve already got. Got Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, VMware Horizon or just some Windows Server RDS servers? You’re already half way there to deliver transformed Windows apps to mobile. Got some space on a hypervisor for a handful of VMs? Transforming web apps on premise is only a few clicks away.

Solutions around the delivery aspects are very minimal and include both on premise, cloud and hybrid options depending on your requirements. The resources required (or the lack thereof) for the ‘heavy lifting’ would, however, pleasantly surprise you.