Whilst technologies available from the likes of Citrix and VMware are great at presenting Windows desktops (VDI) and apps remotely, shoe-horning them onto a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet doesn’t always work and it doesn’t provide a ‘made for mobile’ experience. Similarly, accessing enterprise web apps like Siebel, SAP or SharePoint in a mobile browser can be frustrating at best.

The complex and monolithic apps most businesses have built themselves around are designed for the Windows platform or require a full-sized browser (and a keyboard and mouse). Native mobile apps are workflow driven and task oriented, they utilise native mobile controls and can exploit a devices underlying hardware (sensors, camera, location etc.). Whilst you could attempt to mobilise all of your critical enterprise apps through custom, bespoke development, the time and cost involved can be prohibitive. It’s also unnecessary. You don’t have to start from scratch – you can transform what you’ve already got.

oobe can help you transform any Windows or web app into a native mobile app that promises a native mobile experience and can be delivered to any mobile device without having to write a single line of code. You can create apps in ten days or less – not months – and you can deploy and iterate apps instantly.