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Mindbreeze InSpire

Search is about finding content, it’s about finding documents, but most importantly it’s about finding answers.

Most modern organisations are drowning in information, staff waste time looking for answers or recreating content that already exists. You don’t need to do the math to realise that’s inefficient and unproductive. If we can remedy that, if your staff can find the answers that they need, it frees them up to be more productive.

Mindbreeze InSpire provides users with the right information at the right time.

Mindbreeze InSpire is an appliance-based search solution. It provides coordinated hardware and search software in one complete package.

This search solution analyses structured and unstructured information within all corporate sources. It recognises and classifies individual content within documents, then creates the semantic correlations between each.

The system 'observes' an individual’s working style and the type of information that they find relevant. It learns to differentiate between important and unimportant information and delivers accurate search results for that individual.

Benefits of Mindbreeze InSpire

Learning how people search

Mindbreeze Inspire uses an appliance to deliver relevant and timely search results for your team. Designed specifically for search the Mindbreeze software analyses and information within documents to deliver timely and accurate results.


Includes the familiar features from Google Search Appliance (GSA).

Simplicity at scale

Approaches search as a plug-and-play product and deployed as an appliance.


Comes with out-of-the-box connectors for more than 450 sources. Includes every GSA source. Uses a 'GSA facade for Mindbreeze to ensure that any customised GSA connectors are included in Mindbreeze InSpire.

High-end features

Goes  beyond a search box and a result list. Uuncovers, organises and semantically analyses data to allow existing or synthesised information to be illuminated proactively or interactively. Respects the context of the digital workers, continuously providing highly accurate and relevant information.

Simple administration and maintenance

Maintains all appliances through the Mindbreeze Management Center. Provides a central, web-based console to maintain all appliances from one point.

Professional support

Produces all appliances directly through a global original equipment manufacture contract with Dell Technologies. Provides support for appliances through a strong international network, regardless of where it is located.

Features of Mindbreeze InSpire

Personalised results for every group

Processes information automatically so it corresponds to a specific role in the organisation. Provides different users within an organisation, different views of the same information sources.

Search app designer

Includes an app development editor with design elements and widgets (such as filters) that can easily be combined just the way you want them. Requires no prior programming knowledge.

Natural language processing

Formulates search queries  in 'natural' language. Uses an insight engine to interpret queries and deliver relevant search results.

Seamless integration

Uses connectors to bring different data sources together and for seamless integration into other applications and programs. Integrates with programs, including Jive, SharePoint and Outlook, to ensure that users have easy access to essential tools. Includes more than 450 connectors for data sources, with no additional costs. 

oobe are Mindbreeze InSpire Experts

oobe are search specialists who sell, deploy and support the Mindbreeze InSpire appliance, so the ideal partner to work with your organisation.

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