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Chrome Devices

Chrome devices are computers developed to run the Chrome operating system. Fast, simple and secure, the Chrome browser and cloud-connected operating system enables a new generation of business devices for organisations of all sizes. 

With a long-life battery, portable design, and seamless offline transition, Chromebooks make work easy for frequent travellers, office roamers, and remote workers alike.

Benefits of Chrome Devices

Chrome Devices update automatically in the background and they start up fast so they feel like new long after you’ve bought them. Plus, with the best of Google built-in, the Google Play Store at your fingertips and multiple layers of security, you can be sure they’ll continue to feel fresh.

Features of Chrome Devices


With apps from the Google Play Store, flexibility to go anywhere, and the hardware you need to get things done, a Chromebook is a new type of computer for everything you love to do. It’s easy to use, has virus protection built in, and keeps going with a long-life battery, so you can, too.

Always-ready security

Chrome Devices are equipped with built-in virus protection and updates automatically when you’re online, so you’ll have the latest features without slowing down. Plus, you can sign in with your Google account to switch between accounts and devices without ever missing a beat.

Starts fast, stays fast

Just log in to your Google account and you’re ready to go. No long load times. No confusing setup. Just flip it open and get going.

oobe are Chrome Device experts

Let oobe demonstrate the simplicity, shareability and security of Chrome devices. oobe enables businesses to connect their employees and customers to applications without the need for on-premises information technology or expensive hardware costs. oobe also sell Chromebooks for business and education.

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