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Transitioning your infrastructure to cloud enhances your operational efficiency, agility, customer responsiveness, scalability helps you optimise costs. oobe helps you move the right areas of your existing IT infrastructure into Microsoft Azure - creating either a public- or hybrid-cloud footprint based on your goals and requirements.

Because operating in the cloud is technically different from operating on-premises, properly moving workloads to Azure goes far beyond a simple “lift and shift.” After that initial step, we rework operations, revise operating assumptions, tune workloads and finally optimise for the dynamic capabilities of Azure. Getting the most out of this transition and achieving the full benefits of cloud requires specialists. oobe can help with…

  • Analysing your entire IT footprint
  • Identifying and prioritising workloads for migration
  • Developing a strategic migration plan
  • Designing the supporting infrastructure
  • Adapting workloads for cloud
  • Modifying operating processes.

oobe are migration experts

Throughout the migration, oobe can either work with your team or handle the entire process. Along the way, we will help your organisation replace existing operating processes with ones that are easier, faster and less time-intensive, allowing your business more opportunity to focus on what it does best. Contact oobe at to schedule a free consultation or call us on 1300 753 707 to talk to a migration expert.