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oobe provides fully managed Search-as-a-Service solutions.

Search is about finding content, it’s about finding documents, but most importantly it’s about finding answers.

Most modern organisations are drowning in information. It's inefficient and unproductive to have staff wasting their time looking for answers or recreating content that already exists. If everyone can find the answers they need — when they need it — it frees them up to be more productive.

We can fix this with enterprise-grade search solutions powered by Mindbreeze InSpire and Lucidworks Fusion. This frees your teams to be more productive — so they find the answers they need, at the time they need them — and that has to be good for business :)

oobe's Search-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a premium offering geared towards those organisations who want the functionality of cloud-based search without the overhead of having to manage servers or search appliances.

Benefits of Search-as-a-Service


oobe hosts and maintains the Mindbreeze InSpire appliance or Lucidworks Fusion search service in a secured managed environment. 


Offers benefits of scale and economy to organisations of any size. Uses a scalable managed service so avoids the need for complex infrastructure that often accompanies internally-hosted hardware. Makes it easy to budget because it uses an operating expenditure model, rather than a capital expenditure model with additional, ad-hoc costs. 

Mobility for remote working

Supports mobile applications and users who work remotely, with ample storage, processing speed and connection bandwidth. 

Features of Search-as-a-Service

Right first-time deployment

oobe manages software configuration, set-up and deployment.

Expert hardware maintenance

Receive regular maintenance and support from experts in the hosted hardware. 

Expert software maintenance

Provides planned and managed software product maintenance.

Emergency support and enhancements

Applies patches, product updates, tuning and enhancements automatically.

Redundancies and back-up

Supports Tier X hosted systems with multiple redundancies and regular back-ups.

Operational expenditure model

Operates on an operational expenditure model, rather than a capital expenditure model with additional ad hoc costs.

oobe are Search-as-a-Service Experts

oobe's experience in offering enterprise-grade Search-as-a-Service for its customers is based upon years of deploying and managing search solutions and builds on our offering of locally-managed search. By offering both cloud-hosted and dedicated managed servers, oobe can tailor a Search-as-a-Service solution for your organisation.

Contact to schedule a free consultation, or call us on 1300 753 707 to talk to a Search-as-a-Service expert.