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Privacy notice for our customers

The management, control and protection of oobe Pty Ltd customer, employee, Personal Identifiable Information and confidential data is an integral part of oobe’s corporate governance. oobe has completed a program of works to deliver what is required by the legislation whilst working with our customers, suppliers and partners to ensure they can meet these obligations.

·Controls and gap analysis: we have undertaken a full review of all internal security and privacy policies and controls to ensure that all personal data processed by oobe, will be handled in accordance with the GDPR.

·Third party, supplier and partner relationships: where relevant and related, we have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that our third party, suppliers and partners are complying with the GDPR.

·Technology: we have reviewed our technology platforms to analyse their operation, security and compliance in order to ensure that they meet the standards we have laid down and identify any gaps and risks.

·Training and awareness: we have initiated a training program across the oobe organisation on the GDPR and its impact on the new policies, procedures, and responsibilities of staff.

·Data impact assessments and inventory: as part of the assessment we have reviewed our information flows, any data transfers and conducted risk reviews.

·Website data collection and consent, privacy policy: we have provided an updated Framework and Privacy Policy to incorporate the GDPR obligations.