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The right one - I.T. Consultant Queensland

The oobe team are a bunch of really smart, passionate, highly skilled techy type people who have built some awesome solutions to make our client’s work lives easier. We’re on the hunt for oobytes to join us across a number of consultant roles. If you've got the aptitude, we want to hear from you. We are looking for people with unique perspectives and ideas that spark meaningful innovation.

We are a leader in enabling the adoption of cloud (e.g., Azure, M365) and we are always looking for people who have experience in one or more of the following fields: 

Security and monitoring, Modern Desktop, Identity and Access Management, Networking, DevOps, Cloud Platform Engineering, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation.

We don’t mind where you work but if you are a people person and like a desk, we have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.

The people we need:

We’re looking for passionate tech gurus, solutions focused and business minded experts to join our team of experts. Self-starters who get excited about solving big, difficult problems for our clients, are passionate about emerging tech and innovation and has a desire to learn.

We are looking for people who want to make things that matter, can think differently with boundless enthusiasm, optimism and has a desire to change the way businesses interact with technology.

If this sounds like you, you could be our new favourite person.

Ideally you should have 2- 3+ years’ experience in any of the disciplines below, results to prove the effectiveness of your work, and a willingness to give other tasks a go. Oh, a sense of humour and a strong meme game won’t hurt either.

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The types of things you’ll do:

  • Prepare designs to solve complex clients' problems within business requirements
  • Build, configure and implement solutions to the highest standards
  • Prepare and deliver As Built As Configured (ABAC) and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Assist with training enablement for clients
  • Prepare security related documentation under the guidance of oobe’s security practice
  • Work closely with other oobe team members to deliver quality outcomes for our clients
  • Leverage oobe’s vendor relationships to assist with design, configuration and remediation activities based on best practices
  • Continuous improvement and iteration of technical processes, tools and reporting.
  • Keep up to with industry trends and best practices for technologies
  • Assist with managing client expectations with oobe’s project management team
  • Provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) input into statement of works, user guides (e.g., FAQs), release notes, etc.

If you're ready to join a team of exceptional thinkers and doers who craft technical solutions to enable clients to get stuff done, we'd like to grab a coffee with you.

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Who we are

At oobe we inspire innovation in everything we do. We craft technology to uncomplicate work lives. We deliver exceptional client service for all the usual technology consulting projects. We do security that’s built-in, not bolted on. We do secure cloud solutions to empower businesses to do more, be more efficient and better protect the information, processes and systems businesses rely on.

Beyond all that, we are innovators. We took all our experience, knowledge and skills and built Perimeta, a suite of products that helps client’s setup, secure, utilise and manage their cloud solutions faster.

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SODA – our oobe values

Simplicity is key

Life is complicated. Work shouldn’t be.

We craft solutions to uncomplicate work lives for our clients and for our team. We do what our clients need. We take pride in our work and our achievements. We don’t set out to create the biggest, most comprehensive 'whatever' just for the sake of it.

Our reason for being

At oobe we are advocates for flexible workspaces, places and timings. If you’re passionate about getting stuff done, you’re our people. We understand that traditional work is what happens in between doing the fun stuff. At oobe we want work to be meaningful with a bit of fun on the side. If we can’t all be sipping cocktails on a tropical island, we think oobe is a great option for the moments in between.

Do the right thing

oobe values individuality. We want to nurture our team to be better. We are proud of our humble beginnings, and we are passionate about where we are going. Continuous learning, mentoring and self-development is encouraged and rewarded. We strive to support and challenge each other to be better thinkers, innovators and humans. 

We know the value of a good cup of coffee. So, if you’re going to fit in here, you best check the machine when you’re done and make sure there are beans for the next person.

Accountability at our core

We’re committed to having honest, positive and impactful interactions with each other on a daily basis. We believe that when people stuff things up, we can have an open conversation and nip any issues in the bud before it gets out of hand. 

We also believe we have a responsibility to give back to society, to our environment, and within the communities our teams call home. If you’re passionate about a cause or find an opportunity for us to assist our community, chances are you’ll be met with a resounding “Yes! How can we help?”