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About us

From enterprise-scale cloud-based solutions to application delivery and desktop virtualisation. From devices and data to intelligent search and all the underlying infrastructure that glues it together — oobe places an emphasis on creating the best experience possible both for the end user and your business.

oobe has always specialised in security and end-user computing – connecting people and their devices with the apps and data they need to be productive from wherever, whenever. From a company that formed in 2007 with just four employees, today we are a team of more than 100 specialist consultants, and our vision is to abstract the complexity of technology through innovation, so that everyone – individuals, teams and our customers – can achieve more.

Of course, we don’t ever intend to stop improving upon ourselves. We’ll continue to specialise in cloud, “the cyber” and end-user computing — designing and deploying technologies that a user interacts with every day — and we’ll continue creating new products and solutions for our customers that make that experience even better

Share equity

Here at oobe we believe hard work and results should be rewarded. In keeping with the original vision when the company was founded in 2007, oobe can proudly say it has embraced employee ownership. In 2019 the company made one fifth of its total share equity available to its employees via an employee share ownership plan. Today, with over 100 employees, more than 20 employees are invested in the company through an indirect employee ownership trust. Their dedication and commitment to our customers is rewarded through the sharing of benefits and profits.

Social responsibility

Charitable donations and social responsibility can be addressed at many levels. Our approach to social responsibility is one where we feel we are supporting causes that fit within our local communities and the people who work at oobe. We believe that while donations are part of the equation participation is just as important. Participation in the act of contributing to your community is an aim of our corporate social responsibility. We support active causes that are close to those who work for oobe. We will, as often as possible, ensure that oobe supports, promotes and donates to causes championed by the people within oobe.

We support annual activities such as Movember and health driven activities like the Spartan that also raise money for great causes. They also get our people out working together and importantly having a good time while doing some good. oobe will always support community volunteering by our staff. We will try our best to provide flexible work arrangements for staff who volunteer within our community and will also provide financial support to those who are giving up time to support our communities. Over the past 12 years oobe has annually donated time, money and equipment to local community groups actively supported by our staff.